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The Oriel Quartett believes that music is exchange. Its members’ mission is to expand the horizons of quartet-playing through collaboration, experimentation and innovation. This wide-reaching inquiry has led to an array of enriching artistic combinations, winning the hearts of novice concert-goers and seasoned musos alike.


After springing to life at the Royal College of Music in London, the quartet put down substantial roots in Berlin in 2010. Here, notwithstanding having previously enjoyed a variety of grand venues like the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the quartet embraced the grit of Berlin, favouring ruins, building sites, clubs and all-but-abandoned churches for its interdisciplinary events.


In these eclectic settings they play Byrd, Cage, Mozart, Muhly, Purcell, Pärt, Vivaldi, Vasks, Reich, Riley and an array of pop, jazz, tango and rock. They are inclined to mix the very old with the new.


The Oriel Quartett has been recorded by some of Berlin’s hottest producers. As well as playing pop music, they relish the challenges of TV, internet and film.

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